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How to Upgrade Your Computer Motherboard BIOS

BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) is a simple system in which Chip Motherboard duty to recognize and prepare the hardware / computer hardware when the PC switched on, such as Hardisk, Processor, Floppy Disk, Memory, DVD Rom and the other. If all the wrong Operating System (such as Windows, Linux) run the new start.

If your computer is running smoothly, or does not have a problem, it does not need to upgrade (update) the BIOS on our machines. Because it is very risky for those who not, if inadvertently computer can not be operated even more;). But there are some things that cause the BIOS must be upgraded, for example:

1) When switched on the computer, suddenly stopped before entering the operating system. But you should also read this article.
2) Computers have been long enough, and we install the new hardware is not detected properly, for example, we replace the new processor. Because the BIOS is often not recognize the processor.
3) BIOS is broken, both shown with the message or not. For example invalid BIOS, BIOS etc. corrupted.
4) BIOS fails to detect the hardware, such as hardisk, CD-ROM drive, VGA and other.
5) Want to [slightly] better optimize the performance of computer (hardware) There is recommendation from motherboard vendor.

If the BIOS on the computer is broken, it can not run the automatic operating system such as Windows Xp, for example. Some things that can cause damage to the BIOS, for example:

1) Turn off the computer without shutdown, power or sudden death (without UPS)
Virus infected
2) Error upgrade the BIOS. For example, the computer died when the process of upgrading, BIOS does not match the type of motherboard etc..

How to upgrade your Computer's BIOS?

To upgrade the BIOS, you need 2 files, first file itself and the BIOS Flash Memory Writer utility, that is to upgrade the software (flash) the BIOS, for example AFLASH.EXE, and other AWD816a.EXE. Usually the BIOS file with the extension 001, or other BIN, sengan size of less than 512 KB. For most of the BIOS upgrade should be done through DOS or MS-DOS, even though at this time also have many vendors that provide software-based Windows.

Who needs to find a file is the BIOS and Flash Writer is right, because if it does not match, the computer is potential possibility can not live anymore. But if the type is correct, the possibility always successful, except death or the computer power off when BIOS flash is running. In general, the BIOS flash lasts only a few seconds only. Less than 30 seconds. To make a flash BIOS, after the entry into DOS, type the name of Flash Writer, for example, to AWD816a.EXE


So usually there is a description how pemakaiannya. Follow the command, make sure to also backup the old BIOS, it can be done with a flash file writer also. Description that is displayed may be different. If still in doubt, should be asked to know more. Or can also be read in the motherboard manual.

How do I determine the type of motherboard?

There are several ways to determine the type of motherboard is owned, among others:

1) See the guide which is included when buying a motherboard
2) Views beginning to see when the computer on, usually displayed or type series motherboard
3) See directly the motherboard (the computer opening the case), there are usually written motherboard brand and type.

Where is the Download and Flash BIOS Utility is?

If the motherboard including our popular, the vendor usually has to provide downloads and BIOS Flash Utility it, such as MSI, Gigabyte and the like. Here are some links to download the motherboard BIOS and drivers that can be used as reference:

1) ASUS Motherboards here
2) ECS Web Site here
4) GIGABYTE Motherboards here
5) Micro Star International (MSI) motherboard here

If your motherboard does not have a web site to download the official driver, tried to search via, type in the type followed by a word such as the motherboard BIOS, download the BIOS and the like. For example “BIOS P4VP-MX” or “Download BIOS P4VP-MX”.

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