Tuesday, April 14, 2009

KM 2560 Error Codes

The KM-2540 is an extremely reliable multifunctional that is above all easy to use. Kyocera system software allows several tasks to be carried out simultaneously - enhancing cross network co-ordination, reducing downtime and improving the efficiency of the whole workgroup. Simple to operate, it takes your document capabilities to a new level. The KM-2540 also incorporates extremely durable components that guarantee efficient and reliable operation to meet the demanding requirements of busy office environments.  

The design of the paper lift panel has been improved for a smoother paper flow. The new label on the paper lift, shows users how to correctly position the paper. The LSU(Laser Scanner Unit) is covered by a soundproof cover to reduce noise. (high frequencies). It uses an amorphous silicon drum in the imaging unit. It can handle 300k pages per maintenance cycle. This helps customers to reduce down-time, which in turn helps the dealers too. Deliver easy to see, easy to operate touch screen. The keys on the operation panel are changed to concave for the easy to use.

Important Error Codes:
The KM 2540 is equipped with a self-diagnostic function. When a problem is detected, copying is disabled and the problem displayed as a code consisting of C followed by a number, indicating the nature of the problem. The error can be cleared by turning the main power switch off and then on. But some codes needs to be reset by an engineer only.

Following errors are reset when the machine is turned on and off:


Some other important error codes are:

  • C0420 Optional paper feeder communication problem
  • C0440 Optional document finisher/built-in finisher communication problem
  • C1010 Upper lift motor error
  • C1020 Lower lift motor error
To reset a fusing code, enter into the service mode (1087 1087), enter 163 and press "Start" button. All the codes starting with digit "6" are fusing error codes i;e:

C6000, C6020, C6050, C6121, C6150, C6400, C6420

Always take necessary actions to clear the cause of the trouble before resetting the above codes. (Check thermister, fuser heater, power source board, etc).

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