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An Excellent Removal Tool for Autorun Viruses

Kaizer Killer now on Version 1.8 Click to download Here's an update for a nice little app called Kaizer Killer . FYI, kaizer killer is a straightforward removal tool / remover tool for those rampant autorun viruses. It is now on version 1.8. Here are the list of viruses that it can disinfect/get rid of your system. About the author: GZX Computer Laboratory® Computer Whiz™ KaiZeR Killer Version 1.8 Definition: 02.22.08 This is the list of viruses or any malicious scripts that 'KaiZeR Killer' can treat, it removes the malicious files, delete the autoruns in each drive, Fix the Registry and so on :p. The Attributes that has been change will be go back to its original state. If the virus that infected your PC was not in this list or you wish to add in the list. Kindly send us an e-mail so that we can update it for you. YM - gcace21 Giancarlo Acelajado Copyright 2008© ***Note: Viruses that this removal can treat are not all specified.. If on the first time