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How to get rid of "It now now safe to turn off your computer" screen in Windows 2000/Win2k

Laptop Model: IBM Thinkpad iSeries/ i Series 1400 (2611-452) OS/Operating System: Windows 2000 / Win2k Processor: Celeron Memory/RAM: 64 MB PROBLEM: After changing the hard disk drive of an IBM Thinkpad iSeries laptop and doing a reformat, I encountered this fairly common problem. When I turn the laptop off, instead of automatically powering down, it displays the message: It is now safe to turn off your computer This thing was common on the days of Windows 98 and AT type computer. But in laptops, this should not happen (also on ATX-type computer). SOLUTION: 1. Go to START MENU > SETTINGS > CONTROL PANEL 2. On C ONTROL PANEL double-click on POWER OPTIONS 3. Click on APM tab and put a check on Enable Advanced Power Management Support And that's it.