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I Just Switched to Linux Mint. Goodbye Windows 7.

After years of thinking about it, I finally dumped Windows and installed Linux on my laptop (Lenovo Y410). In fact, I'm posting this from my Mint-powered laptop. I choose Linux Mint because of the good reviews I read prior to deciding what my chosen distro will be. Basically it is a fine-tuned Ubuntu. I was surprised to see that Mint is closing in on Ubuntu in terms of popularity according to's page hit ranking. The first time I looked at Mint (version 8), it is way behind Ubuntu. But now it is in 2nd place and it looks like it will overtake Ubuntu sooner or later. Why just now? Like I said, this is a plan that started brewing eons of years ago. I'm one of the proponents of Linux. I really  like to get rid of all Microsoft products in my system. But my job as a computer technician makes it impossible. Recent developments with my job is the indirect reason why I just switched now. I recently relocated here in Thailand (Bangkok). I arrived here Janua