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Everything You Need to Know About Windows 7

The following article will answer the most important questions about Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 7, basically everything you need to know about Windows 7 to be prepared for the upcoming release. We have decided to create the article in a form that resembles faq pages to make it easier to read. What’s the current stage of development? The release candidate will be released publicly in the coming week. It will be available for 1-2 months and expire in mid 2010 giving every user enough time to test if they have the desire to do so. When will Windows 7 be released? Microsoft has not revealed a release date for their new operating system yet. Most experts think that it will either be released in the fourth quarter of 2009 or at the latest in the first quarter of 2010. What are the hardware requirements? Microsoft has published hardware requirements for Windows 7 Beta. It is expected that the same requirements will be valid for Windows 7 Final. It is generally a

How to Disable Error Reporting in Windows XP

Follow these steps on how to disable error reporting in your Windows XP machine. 1. First, right-click the My Computer icon in the Start menu. 2. Next, select Properties to open up the System Properties window. 3. Now, select the Advanced tab. 4. Then, under the Advanced tab, click the Button that reads Error Reporting at the bottom of the application. The Error Reporting window should now appear. 5. Next, select the item that reads Disable Error Reporting. Although you are choosing to eliminate all error reporting, you will still be notified when critical errors occur as long as you keep the box checked that says “But notify me when critical errors occur” under the item: Disable error reporting. 6. Finally, click OK to exit the window and then click OK again to exit the System Properties window. That’s it! You should not receive those annoying error messages again, but will still receive the critical ones. Have fun!

Free Tool that Prevents USB Flash Drive Infection

The Microsoft Windows Operating Systems use the AUTORUN.INF file from removable drives in order to know which actions to perform when a new external storage device, such as a USB drive or CD/DVD, is inserted into the PC. The AUTORUN.INF file is a configuration file that is normally located in the root directory of removable media and contains, among other things, a reference to the icon that will be shown associated to the removable drive or volume, a description of its content and also the possibility to define a program which should be executed automatically when the unit is mounted. The problem is that this feature, widely critizised by the security community, is used by malware in order to spread by infecting as soon as a new drive is inserted in a computer. The malware achieves this by copying a malicious executable in the drive and modifying the AUTORUN.INF file so that Windows opens the malicious file silently as soon as the drive is mounted. The most recent examples of this a

How to Change Password on Windows XP / 7 without knowing the Original Password

This is useful for many occasions such as if you forget the password to your primary account on your computer but still have access to another 0ne or if you simply want to prank your brother. This has been tested on both Windows XP and Windows 7. For this to work you must have access to another account because you have to use Command Prompt or CMD to change the password. Here is how to do it: Open Command Prompt (CMD) by going to Start -> Run -> cmd.exe Type in ‘net users’. This will show you a list of all the accounts on the computer. This is just to check and make sure you know the EXACT username of the account you want to change the password for. Next, you need to type in ‘net user (whatevertheusernameis)  Next you shall get a prompt asking you for the new password: Finally it shall ask you to repeat the new password, click enter and BAM, you have now changed the password without knowing the original one.

How to Get License Key for Avast 4 Home Edition

Click on the avast! icon on your desktop. Click on Registration (second line from the bottom) and you should see this: Click on Program Registration. Your browser will come up with the avast registration web page. Register either as a new user (if you never had a license key; check your My Documents folder!) or as a registered user who lost the license key. When you get the email with the license key copy/paste the key into the highlighted field under "Enter your License Key" and click on OK.

How to disable IPv6 completely on Windows vista or 2008 server

IPv6 is the next-generation Internet Layer protocol for packet-switched internetworks and the Internet. IPv4 is currently the dominant Internet Protocol version. IPv6 is installed and enabled by default in Microsoft Windows Vista/Server 2008/7. If your network aint using IPv6 than you are safe to disable IPv6 or If you want to disable IPv6 by any cause, just follow the simple steps: 1. Run Registry Editor (type regedit in StartSearch or Run Dialog box). 2. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Tcpip6\Parameters 3. In the right pane, create a DWORD (32-bit) Value and name it DisabledComponents 4. Double-click DisabledComponents, and then set its data value ffffffff in HEX or 4294967295 in Decimal 5. Restart your Windows to take effect.

How to Configure your Firewall in Windows 7 (with pictures)

A firewall is software or hardware that checks information coming from the Internet or a network, and then either blocks it or allows it to pass through to your computer, depending on your firewall settings. A firewall can help prevent hackers or malicious software from gaining access to your computer through a network or the Internet. A firewall can also help stop your computer from sending malicious software to other computers. You can customize most settings through left pane of the Firewall applet in Control Panel. 1. Turn on Windows Firewall. This setting is selected by default. When Windows Firewall is on, most programs are blocked from communicating through the firewall. If you want to allow a program to communicate through the firewall, you can add it to the list of allowed programs. For example, you might not be able to send photos in an instant message until you add the instant messaging program to the list of allowed programs. To add a program to the list, see Allow

How to Use the System Restore Function of Windows XP

Well, we all have been there. We turn on our computer (boot up) getting ready to type that school report, or business presentation and guess what, our computer just does not want to work today. Whether it's the word processor, spreadsheet, or financial package that isn't working, most people do not know that Microsoft Windows XP has a built in feature that just may come and save the day. That feature is called "System Restore." Basically, System Restore is like a little hound that runs behind the scenes taking "snapshots" of various parts of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. So, if a part of Microsoft Windows XP stops working one day, the System Restore utility is able to reference one of the "snapshots" it took and restore your system from a previous day (a day when your computer worked). It's kind of like going back in time to a day when your computer worked. All your current data (Microsoft Word files, etc.) are still retained, so

When Lightning Strikes

Imagine this: You are working in your home rushing a report on a cloudy night to be submitted the next day, when suddenly a lightning strikes. Simultaneously your computer went blank. or You come home from your extended trip to find that your house has been struck by lightning. Minimal damage has happened to the structure, but you go inside and find that many of your electronic items, including a 3-year-old TV and a $1500 computer have been totally destroyed by the seemingly minor lightning hit! What happened? You had all these electronics turned off and plugged into surge protectors, why did they get damaged so badly? The telltale words in the previous sentence should give you a clue: ‘plugged into’. This assumes that the surge protectors themselves were still plugged into the wall … and they were. Could this really happen? Absolutely! This is an actual account from a resident who went for a month to visit the kids and grandkids. When they returned, they found all of

How to repair runtime error 13 in Windows

If you are using Microsoft softwares, you will most likely run into run time errors as they are very common. In most cases, these errors are caused by conflicts that occur between the program and the operating system. Runtime error 13 usually results when a user is running various programs utilizing Visual Basic when launching their system. Such programs include financial applications as well as anti-virus software and others that rely on Visual Basic. You can resolve runtime error 13 just as you fix other run time errors… that is, you have to find the problem and address it. So Why Do You Get Runtime Error 13? Usually, run time error 13 occurs with a problem to the order of components being used to launch an application. If you are starting a video game on Windows, for example, the system has to load the right files before the program can be launched. The files are in sequence. If one of them is missing or out of sequence, or is corrupt, then you will get this particular run-ti

Top Five reasons to switch to Linux

One of the most oft-asked questions I get is “Why should I switch to Linux?” It comes to me either via inbox or sound waves attacking my aural system every day. This has been going on for over ten years now I’ve heard the question from different locations on the globe, in different languages, from all ages, and in some odd locales. What is interesting about this question is that the answers, over the years, haven’t really changed that much. The order of importance has altered somewhat, but the answers have all pretty much remained the same. So I thought I would bring these answer to the outstanding readers here at gHacks to inspire conversation on the topic. Without further adieu, let’s answer that age-old question. I am going to apply the order to today’s landscape, which of course includes the state of the world’s economy (That’d be a hint at number 1). 1. Cost . This is one of the most hotly debated issues surrounding the debate between Windows and Linux. Which is cheaper? One

Deep Freeze: Protect Your PC Without using Anti virus

One of the biggest problem in a computer are the viruses. There are many software and anti virus but some of them doesn't really work well. To those people who rely have businesses that rely heavily on a working computer like schools, Internet Cafe, and some other businesses I recommend using Deep Freeze, a software that can protect your computer in many ways. How does Deep Freeze works? If you install Deep freeze in a computer, that computer will be frozen, so to speak. It means that the current settings will be saved. If the costumer use that computer and for example he used a Universal Serial Bus (USB) for saving his work and his USB has a virus and your computer was infected the only thing you must do is to restart that computer and after it the virus will gone because your system will back in his original settings. You don’t need to install Anti virus when you are using Deep Freeze because the update of your Anti Virus will be useless when you restart your computer unless

How to Speedup Windows Vista Startup

Sometimes, the most impressive performance gains come from the simplest actions. In this analysis of techniques for speeding Windows Vista boot times, the biggest individual gain usually comes from tweaking a single startup setting—namely, the boot screen timeout setting easily available through the Vista System Configuration utility. Check the System Configuration Settings Here’s how to check—and change—this setting: From an administrative login or account, type msconfig.exe into the Vista Start menu search box. This launches the Vista System Configuration utility. Click on the Boot tab, notice the timeout entry highlighted in blue at the center right. By default, Vista sets this value to 30 seconds, which means the system waits 30 seconds for you to choose which operating system to boot even when there’s only one option available. Reset this value to 5 or 10 depending on how nimble-fingered (and -witted) you are. You’ll need to act fast when booting Vista if you ever want to invoke a

Beep Codes Meaning - Error Codes

Standard Original IBM POST Error Codes Code Description 1 short beep System is OK 2 short beeps POST Error - error code shown on screen No beep Power supply or system board problem Continuous beep Power supply, system board, or keyboard problem Repeating short beeps Power supply or system board problem 1 long, 1 short beep System board problem 1 long, 2 short beeps Display adapter problem (MDA, CGA) 1 long, 3 short beeps Display adapter problem (EGA) 3 long beeps 3270 keyboard card IBM POST Diagnostic Code Descriptions Code Description 100 - 199 System Board 200 - 299 Memory 300 - 399 Keyboard 400 - 499 Monochrome Display 500 - 599 Colour/Graphics Display 600 - 699 Floppy-disk drive and/or Adapter 700 - 799 Math Coprocessor 900 - 999 Parallel Printer Port 1000 - 1099 Alternate Printer Adapter 1100 - 1299 Asynchronous Communication Device, Adapter, or Port 1300 - 1399 Game Port 1400 - 1499 Colour/Graphics Printer 1500 - 1599 Synchronous Communication Device, Adapter, or Port 1700 - 1799

Windows XP and Advanced Power Management (APM) Support

This post describes how Windows XP installs Advanced Power Management (APM) support. Windows XP supports the following two methods of power management: Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Advanced Power Management (APM) ACPI is the preferred method for controlling power management. When ACPI support is not installed, Windows XP installs APM when any of the following situations occur: 1. The computer appears in the Auto-Enable APM list section of the Biosinfo.inf file. The computer passed APM tests and should work with APM. The APM tab is present and enabled in the Power Options tool in Control Panel. 2. The computer appears in the Disable APM list section of the Biosinfo.inf file. The computer is tested and found to have problems with APM. The APM tab is not present in the Power Options tool in Control Panel. 3. The computer does not appear in either of the lists, and is considered neutral. The computer is not tested for APM support in Windows XP. The APM tab is present i

How to Clean Trojan.Webkit!html virus - Trojan.Webkit!html virus removal

Clean Trojan.Webkit!html virus - Trojan.Webkit!html virus removal: Trojan.Webkit!html is a generic detection for HTML files containing malicious code to redirect users to malicious Web servers,is a common detection method used to detects HTML files that contains malicious code to redirect users to its predefined Web servers where it can download additional malware onto the infected computer. Here is a step by step set of instructions designed to help you clean up the virus: 1.Find and delete the following files and folders: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\W96RIBA9\pro-activellc[1].htm C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\W96RIBA9\index[1].htm C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\W96RIBA9\pro-activellc[1].htm Suggest:Clean the all file under C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files 3. Scan your computer completely us

How to Lower Your Laptop Temperature

Do you find your laptop hotter than before? Does your laptop always blow hot air from the vent even if you don’t use any heavy duty program? Do you feel your laptop keyboard or touchpad getting hotter? A hot laptop usually means a short life span laptop. You should always keep your laptop temperature low to prolong its life span. Using a cool laptop feels better too. You won’t feel as if your laptop just came out from the oven. So what should you do if your laptop gets hotter than before? Here is a simple tip to lower your laptop temperature in one minute. It started with my younger brother having some software problem on my old Acer laptop. He was in China. So the computer technician helped to format and reinstall the operating system. But after that, he found the laptop was quite hot. Even the keyboard and touch pad was hot. So he used a laptop cooler with fans. When he came back, my another younger brother found out the real culprit for this heat problem. It was caused by Wi

How to lock rows or columns in Excel 2003

In Excel 2003 , if you have a worksheet that has a large number of rows and columns and you need to have a specific number of rows or columns or both rows and columns be visible always then you may do this by freezing the rows or columns or both rows and columns. Freeze only rows To freeze only rows, you must first determine the number of rows to freeze. For example, if you need to freeze the first two rows then click on the A3 section in the worksheet and then click on the Window menu and click on Freeze Panes . Freeze only columns To freeze only columns, you must first determine the number of columns to freeze. For example, if you need to freeze the first two columns then click on the C1 section in the worksheet and then click on the Window menu and click on Freeze Panes . Freeze both rows and columns To freeze both rows and columns, first determine the number of rows and columns to freeze. For example, if you need to freeze the first two rows and first two columns then click on the

Cyberlink PowerDVD & Media Player DVD Error Codes - Error Code: 80040216

Cyberlink PowerDVD & Media Player DVD Error Codes - Error Code: 80040216 Fixes I found while trying to fix… 1. Reinstall program. 2. Make sure speakers are plugged in correctly. 3. Change cable to 80 pin IDE cable, make sure master/slave is setup correctly (i never use CS btw). 4. If it’s an 80 pin cable, replace it anyways. 5. Check the system event log for other errors & research them. –This lead me to find a error while paging operation was taking place on /CDROM0 6. Disconnect slave/master & swap visa versa, etc. Switch sata ports if you have a sata dvd drive. 7. Replace the drive (fixed it in my instance)

Water Damage Restoration For Your Laptops

Every electronic item that we buy always comes with one warning. Avoid contact with liquids. This is also true for our valuable laptops. However, try as we may, there will be times when we do end up spilling water or any other kind of liquid on our laptops. What should you do in this case? Well, firstly keep liquids away from your laptop. After all taking precautions is the best thing that you can do for avoiding damage to your laptops. But in case you do end up spilling liquids on your laptop at that one slightly careless point in time, here are some water damage restoration steps that will help you. First and foremost step in the water damage restoration of your laptops is turning it off. You should shut down your laptop immediately. Unplug it from any electricity source. Remove the batteries from the laptop. By cutting off all power to your machine, you will ensure that no damage is done to your motherboard. The next step is to get the water out immediately. You can do this by turni

Ricoh Aficio 200/250 specifications, Troubleshooting, Error Codes

Ricoh Aficio 200 is a medium size multifunction product, manufactured by the Ricoh Corporation company. It is a monochrome copier with a copy speed of 20 pages per minute. Standard features are as below: 20 page per minute black & white copier  Unlimited sorting capacity via Image Rotation. No Sorter Bins required  Paper capacity ranging from 500 to 1,600 sheets. Cassettes hold letter, legal and 11 x 17" paper  Optional Duplex Unit for two sided copies and print jobs, plus optional Finishing Unit for stapled documents  4.4 Kbps Fax Option can fax originals as large as 11 x 17" from the document feeder or platen glass  30 page Document Feeder Option for copier or fax flexibility  Reduction/Enlargement from 25-400%  First Copy Time: Less than 9.8 s (from 1st paper tray to face down copy tray), Less than 8.8 s (from 1st paper tray to face up copy tray) Copy Number Input: Ten-key pad, 1 to 99 (count up or count down) Manual Image Density: 7 steps Aut

Solutions for Most Common Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) Error Codes

1. Fix for Error Code 80070002 1) Look for this file ppcrlconfig.dll which is here X:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\IdentityCRL\ppcrlconfig.dll) and delete it. 2) Remove any WLM or MSN Messenger installed (including the MSG). 3) Make Restart the Windows Live Messenger. 2. Fix for Error Code 80004005 If you receive this error message, check first if you have the version 8.0.792 or later of Windows Live Messenger. You can download the latest version of the Web site of Windows Live Messenger. If you continue to receive this error after confirm that you have the latest version of Messenger, try one of the following steps to resolve the problem: Verify the settings "Folder Options": For Windows XP 1. On the taskbar, click Start, then select Explorer. 2. Click Tools and then select Folder Options. 3. Click the View tab. 4. In the Advanced settings list, select Show hidden files and folders, make sure it does not selected unknown extensions for known fi

How To Hack Computer Password In Windows XP All Service Pack

Hacking is crime but hackers are never stop the hacking. When we hack the computer password it is not a big hacking but it is take some place of hacking. People always search about how to hack computer password, how to recover my computer password, how to hack password of win. xp and more search about this topic. Now i give the simple way to hack the password of windows xp all service pack. 1) click on the “Start Button” and click “Run” after that type the “cmd” without the quotes. Type net user then press enter After this process type “Net user [Username of Account]*” then press Enter, without the quotes["], and quotes. Make sure spell of the username is correctl, and you have the ‘*’. To change password press enter. 2) When you are Logged out of the computer and cannot figure out the password at the start up screen, do the following steps for hack the password: Restart the computer and toggle (continue press) the F8 button. You found a screen that will ask you if you want to

Buying a laptop? Some cheap options

Planning to buy a laptop, but not sure if to spare the cash in the present uncertain economic scenario? Here's how to have a laptop without taxing your pocket. Welcome to the emerging breed of laptops, called Netbooks, these mini-laptops offer slimmer looks, smart functionalities and carry a small price tag. The category initially lead by Taiwan-based Asus, today has been joined by all PC majors including Acer, Dell and HP. Also, called Internet books, they are ideal devices for Web browsing, emailing, chatting, designing and gaming. Here are some recent NetBooks launches to guide your decision. Acer Aspire One D150 Acer recently launched a 10.1-inch Aspire One D150 Netbook in India with WSVGA LCD display featuring Acer CrystalBrite technology. The 10-inch version offers 1024 x 600 pixels as the native resolution. The notebook has a multi-touch trackpad and a six-cell Li-ion battery. Equipped with 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 processor, Aspire One D150 packs Intel 945GSE chipset that fea