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Solution: Can't Watch Youtube Videos on Google Chrome

For some reason, I cannot watch youtube videos using Google Chrome earlier today. I can watch embedded videos though but when you go directly in Youtube a 500 Internal Server Error occur. Youtube videos are playing fine Firefox and Internet Explorer so this is a problem with Chrome. I tried disabling hardware acceleration in Flash but it didn't work. I tried manually installing adobe flash player but it's impossible since Google Chrome updates Flash automatically whenever there's a new update. The Culprit?  Cookies Try deleting all cookies from Youtube. Click the wrench icon in the upper right portion of Google Chrome. Then click Options . Click Under the Hood on the left side. Click Content Settings then All Cookies and Site Data. Type Youtube in the Search cookies field. Then click Remove All after the search. After this you will be able to watch youtube videos again. 500 Internal Server Error Sorry, something went wrong. A team of highly trained monkeys has

A Tale of a Hacked Email Account

Yes, my main email account was hacked. I don't know for how long it lasted but I'm very thankful that no serious damage was done (to my knowledge at least). I experienced the frustration of changing my passwords from different websites. I do use different passwords in different sites but this particular password is the one I use for my paypal account and other important accounts on the web. The Story I was out the whole day last Sunday and upon arriving home I opened my laptop and check my email. I use Thunderbird for my emails and I notice one email about successful resetting of Admin password in one of my wordpress site. This raised a red flag for me because I never initiated any password reset. If this is just a request, I will not bother but this one is a successful reset. I immediately went to the site and as expected, I cannot log in using my password. I ask for a password reset and was able to gain access to the site. Good thing that I assigned a different email