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How to: Repair Chinese Apad - Android Tablet

Problem: Chinese Android tablet hangs on boot. Android logo appears and then freezes. It shuts down after few seconds. Reason: The Android installation is corrupted. Solution: Reflash / install a new android firmware / OS. Applies to: Flytouch Android Tablet, Epad, Apad, Iped The one I repaired has the following specifications: VIA chipset 8505 / 300 mhz 256 mb memory 2 GB storage with camera vibrates at startup (unique for flytouch model) Pics: What you need: At least 128 mb microSD card Step-by-step Guide: 1. Download this file if you have the 256 mb version: For 128mb, download this: 2. Extract the script folder to your memory card. If your memory card is drive e, it should look like these: e:\script\ 3. While the tablet is off, insert the card to the card reader /slot at the bottom of your tablet. 4. Turn it on and wai

Solution: Can't Browse the Internet After Installing / Upgrading AVG Anti-virus | How to Remove AVG Miniport

Problem: Can't browse the Internet after installing or upgrading AVG 9.0 Symptoms: In some system, Local Area Connection (LAN) says the cable is unplugged even though it is plugged in. IPConfig command returns nothing. In the Device Manager under Network Adapters , there are several entries of AVG miniport driver and these entries have yellow exclamation mark . ( "WLAN Miniport (IP) - AVG miniport driver") Properties shows: "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19) Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device." You cannot uninstall the AVG miniport driver entries (remove or delete). Update and rollback doesn't work either. System Restore will not help. Screenshot: Culprit : The devices appear because they are called up by registry entries which should have been deleted as part of the AVG uninstallation Solution: U

Japanese Keyboard Not Functioning Correctly After Installing Windows 7

This is a common problem for laptops bought in Japan. Japanese laptop = Japanese OS . If you want to convert it to English operating system, you will face a very common problem after converting. Problem : After upgrading/converting your OS (Windows Vista to Windows 7), your Japanese laptop keyboard is not functioning correctly (different layout). The most common affected keys are the @ sign which is located along with number 2 in s tandard keyboard, (, :, +, Reason: Windows Vista and Windows 7 somehow identifies some Japanese keyboards as an English device. Solution: You will need to go to the Registry and tell Windows that you have the standard 106/109 Japanese keyboard instead of the English 101 version. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\i8042prt\Parameters and change the following entries to this value: LayerDriver JPN REG_SZ kbd106.dll OverrideKeyboardIdentifier REG_SZ PCAT_106KEY OverrideKeyboardSubtype DWORD 2 OverrideKeyboa

How to: Change Password of Nokia 5800 WLAN/WiFi Network

I recently changed my WiFi router password due to security and the next time I use my Nokia 5800Xm to browse the internet, it won't let me connect to my router. The reason is the stored password on my phone. Nokia 5800 doesn't offer you to enter a new password if the stored password ('known") don't work. Here's a step-by-step guide to change the WiFi password on your Nokia 5800XM: Go to Menu > Settings > Connectivity > Destinations> Internet Now double-click on the WiFi connection name that you would like to edit. Double-click on the WLAN security settings Double-click Pre-shared key and input the new password for your WiFi connection.

How to: Import Firefox Portable Bookmarks and Passwords to Google Chrome in Windows 7

Note: While this tutorial is for Windows 7 , this may also apply in Windows Vista If you're using the regular Mozilla Firefox , importing your bookmarks , saved passwords and browsing history into Google Chrome is a breeze. Unfortunately for Firefox portable user, Google Chrome doesn't recognize it as an import source. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can import Mozilla Firefox Portable into Google Chrome in your Windows 7 machine (and possibly Win Vista). You will need to copy your profile data first from portable firefox to regular firefox: 1) Close any instances of Mozilla Firefox (portable). 2) Download and install the regular version of Mozilla Firefox. Get it here . 3) Launch the newly installed Firefox and close it. 4) Open up explorer (e.g. My Computer or any other folder). Type the following into the address bar and press enter %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles 5) Inside you will see a folder: something like 7raursp4 .