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Globelines' Globe Broadband and Torrent Settings

I posted my experience about Glob e (Innove) Broadband yesterday and I know some people are also experiencing the problem associated with Globe Broadband and downloading through Torrent. I was having problems with my private tracker when my connection was first installed. First, Globe is using IP sharing or transparent proxy / ironport (whatever you call it). Sometimes, the assigned Ip address of globe is ban with the tracker i use. So i need to restart the router (ProLink 9300G) to get another IP address. Second problem will appear once I able to log in. I am not connectable according to my private tracker so it means, i can easily be ban for not sharing what i downloaded (my ratio will suffer). Third and most annoying problem is, the very slow download speed. Imagine having a 3mbps line but the most i got was 40 kBps in utorrent. Fortunately, i was able to solved the problem. Thanks to TPC member pcruztemp. He suggested using port 80 in Utorrent (my torrent client). By using that po

Nokie's Flash Disinfector Batch File Update

Nokie updated his batch file that can disinfect computers experiencing flash drive viruses. You can download it here here's the changelog according to the readme.txt: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enfal, Fujacks, Taga-Lipa Are, Ravmone, Strawberry, YM Virus, Zinblog and Flash Drive Cleaner. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------- Flash_V13.5 Updates --------------------- Added "0hct8ybw.bat", "gumkrhf.bat", "oufddh.exe" Removal. Same effect as amvo and kavo. Please restart your pc after running the batch file. Run the batch file again after restarting for complete removal. --------------------- Flash_V13.4 Updates --------------------- Added "" (Same as amvo). Same effect as "" (kavo). Please restart your pc after running the batch file. Run the batch file again after

Philippines' Globe Broadband 3mbps Data Only Review

A little over a week ago, an agent of Globe Broadband came here at my shop and asked me if i will be interested to try their DSL service. I told him, i'm already on PLDT MyDSL. He said that Globe's offering is way better. I can get a 3 mbps connection at only Php 1995. Wow! 3 mbps is 4 times faster than my current connection and it's only twice the price. So with that, he got my attention. I look for my pen and get ready to fill up the forms. I learned that their phone lines here in our street is newly installed, so he assured me that i can get a good connection. That's good, considering that i heard horror stories about disconnection problems with Globe Broadband. He asked for two ID's and current Meralco bill. That day was Friday and he told me that my connection will be installed the following week. True to his words, somebody from Globe called on Monday and told my Mom that they will install my Broadband on the very next day. Innove employees came to my shop at

Inkjet Refilling Instructions - Downloadble PDF file

How to: Refill Inkjet Cartridges Yesterday, I uploaded general refilling instruction for laserjet toners . Now, I have another one for inkjet printer users out there. This PDF file contains general instructions on how to refill inkjet cartridges on your own. Almost all types of inkjet printers cartridge are included here. Download Here - Inkjet Refill Instructions Printer Cartridge instructions that are included in this file: Brother Printer Cartridges IN-700, LC11BK IN-710C, LC11CL LC03BC, LC03MY LC01BK, LC01C, LC01M, LC01Y LC02BK, LC02C, LC02M, LC02Y, LC21Bk, LC21C, LC21M, LC21Y, LC31C, LC31M, LC31Y, LC31BK LC04C, LC04M, LC04Y, LC04BK LC41C, LC41M, LC41Y, LC41BK LC25Bk, LC25C, LC25M, LC25Y LC51 Canon Printer Cartridges BCI-21 & 24 BC-20 & BC-23 BJI-201BK HC, BJI-201BK, BJI-201C, BJI-201M, BJI-201Y BC-01, BC-02, BC-05, BX-02, BX-03, BC-06 BCI-60, BCI-61, BCI-62 BCI-3eBk, BCI-3eC, BCI-3eM, BCI-3eY, BCI-3Bk, BCI-3C, BCI-3M, BCI-3Y, BCI-3PBk, BCI-3PC, BCI-3PM, BCI-5Bk, BCI-5C, B

How To: Laser Printer Toner Refill Instructions

Refilling toners is not an easy job. If you are from the UK, I suggest visiting to get your laser toners delivered to your doorsteps. UK Visitors Click Here If you really want to do it on your own then continue below. Here's a very valuable information (pdf file) for those of you who have Laser Printers and want to refill the toner/cartridge on their own. Download Link Included in this manual is the procedures / instructions for refilling these types of laserjet toners: Apple - M0089 Apple - M0180 Apple - M2045GA Apple - M2473A / G Apple - M6002 Brother – TN250 Brother – TN350 Brother – TN430/460/560 Brother – TN540/550/570/580 Brother – TN9500 Brother – TN9500 (high yield) Canon - A30, A15 Canon - E16/E20/E31/E40 Canon – EP52 Canon – EP52 (high yield) Canon – EPA Canon – EPB Canon – EPC/A20 Canon - EPE Canon – EPW/EP72 Canon – F100 Canon - FX1/EPL Canon - FX2/EPP Canon – FX3 Canon – FX4 Canon - FX5 Canon - L50 Canon – S35 Canon – X25 Canon – XS/EPS Canon -- FX8 D

Most Effective Tool to Remove Brontok and/or Sohanad Virus

If you experience the dreaded Brontok infestation and ask how to remove it on some forums, many will tell you that the only solution is reformatting your hard drive. Yeah, right. As if formatting your hard is as simple as they said. Windows installation per se is easy, it will only take you 30-45 minutes on average, but the time that you will spend on installing your favorite programs, games, applications, etc. is no joke. You will spend plenty of precious hours for these things. There was a time when someone asked my help to remove this virus from her LANshop computers. I have tried every single Brontok remover out there that i can found, but it still keeps on coming back. Maybe because, as time goes by, virus maker find a way to alter its code and make some variants. So, effective removal instruction for now, will not be as effective tomorrow. I was already hopeless. I also tried 3 well known antivirus to no avail, you can easily found yourself on an endless loop, while the antivirus virus remover - Removal Tool

Found this jay.exe automatic removal tool in a forum. Aside from jaymika / jaymeka virus, this can also cure some known autorun viruses. Download Link The readme.txt file contain this report: KaiZeR Killer Version 1.3 Definition: 02.11.08 This is the list of viruses or any malicious scripts that 'KaiZeR Killer' can treat, it removes the malicious files, delete the autoruns in each drive, Fix the Registry. If the virus that infected your PC was not in this list or you wish to add in the list. Kindly send us an e-mail so that we can update it for you. YM - gcace21 Giancarlo Acelajado Copyright 2008© KK KK AA IIII ZZZZZ EEEEE RRRRR KK KK A A II ZZ EE RR R KKK AAAA II ZZ EEE RRRRR KK KK AA AA II ZZ EE RR RR KK kK AA AA IIII ZZZZZ EEEEE RR RR __________________________________________________ 1. Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe 2. 3. 4. 5

Jamesgo.dll Automatic Removal Tool

How to Remove jamesgo.dll Virus - jamesgo.dll Remover Computer Repair Blog - A little information about the virus: W32/Autorun.jamesgo is a worm that can spreads via removable media storage (e.g. flash drive, thumb drive, external hard drive, flash memory, mp3 player) and execute itself via autorun.inf file. Common Symptoms: 1. Automatically opens MS Word 2. Displays Open(jamesgo.dll) when checking Drive C: properties For Automatic Removal: Download this - (special thanks to Nokie) After using the jamesgo.dll automatic remover, i suggest you still follow the manual removal instruction just to make sure that any traces left by the virus will be gone too. Manual Removal: 1. Show Hidden Files (if you can't show your hidden files because the virus disable this feature, you can use Restriction Removal Tool or RRT to enable it) - Open Windows Explorer - On Menu, go to Tools > Folder Options - Click View tab - Select “Show hidden files and folders” 2. Restart Computer in SafeMode

How To: Set Up Your Own Home/Office Network

Here's a simple guide on setting up your own Home/Office Network or Internet Cafe / Lan Shop . Just follow these standard procedures and you're good to go: 1. Check if you already enabled file and print sharing options on your computers. 2. Make sure that your computers are using the TCP/IP protocol. 3. Computers should be in the same WORKGROUP 4. All computers should have unique/different names with each other to avoid conflicts 5. All computers should have unique/different IP Address If you don't know how to check those items, follow these procedures: For Windows 98: Right-click Network Neighborhood > Properties . On the Configuration tab, verify that the Primary Network Logon drop-down menu is set to Client for Microsoft Networks . Click File and Print Sharing and make sure both of these options are checked. Scroll down the list of network components and make sure you've got a TCP/IP entry for your network card. Then look under the Identification tab to ensure t

YouTube Alternative - A List of other Video Hosting Sites

YouTube is great, no doubt about it, but sometimes you just need to find other video hosting site that will let you upload better videos in terms of quality and without the restrictions that YouTube has. So here's an extensive list of "Other" video hosting sites you can use. There are plenty out there. Some people will even be surprise to know that YouTube is not the "only one". Facebook Video Yahoo! Video - Yes, Yahoo! has one. I myself didn't know that it exist before. MySpace Video - Better quality video hosting than YouTube. Revver - Revver can track your video as it spreads and they share revenues with the uploader metacafe - One of the first video hosting site where you can also earn money when you upload videos metatube vimeo - Also one of the first video uploading site Putfile ShortBrain - This is one of a number of sites where you can earn a share of revenue if your video is popular enough. Zazzoo Imeem SelfCastTV Magnify

How To: Refill HP Laserjet 1010 / 1012 / 1015 Toner Cartridge

Here's a nice guide for those of you want to refill or remanufacture their own HP Laserjet 1010 toner / ink cartridge. I myself owns one and i just follow this guide whenever my cartridge needs a refill. This printer uses HP cartridge Part # Q2612A, so this guide is also applicable for HP Laserjet printer models 1010, 1012, 1015, 3015, 3020, 3030. The cartridge has no chip, contains 110 grams of toner and can yield 2,000 pages at 5% coverage. Download the detailed guide with pictures HERE

Computer Shuts Down when you Open up CMD (Command Prompt)

Computer Shuts Down when you Open up CMD (Command Prompt) This is the symptom of a computer having bar311.exe virus A.K.A. winzip123. The virus comprises bar311.exe , password_viewer.exe , and pc-off.bat . When you boot your Windows XP in Safe Mode the message appears: Thank You!!! Password:Winzip123 The pc-off.bat contains the syntax like this"C:/path/shutdown -s -f -t 2 -c" which automatically shutdown your computer when you run the cmd.exe. Manual removal is outlined below. Download bar311.exe - winzip123.exe Automatic Remover here . Manual removal: 1. upon start up.... after os loading... go to task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL then kill password_viewer.exe or bar311.exe or 2. EDIT the following registry entries thru regedit at start/run [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "Userinit"="userinit.exe,bar311.exe" ---> remove ", bar311.exe" only... leave userinit.exe b

How to Download Youtube Videos and Convert to VCD / DVD for Viewing

A common question you can find around the net is "How do I download Youtube videos and view it from computer later on?" Some even want to convert it to VCD or DVD so they can view it later on to their TV sets. Technically, YouTube doesn't want you to download their videos. They want you to view videos direct from their website because they earn from it through their advertisements. Youtube videos are stored in FLV (flash video) format. To download it, there are many websites out there and stand alone programs you can use. One of the most popular site is . Just copy the address of the youtube video you want to save and paste it at the space provided at If you want a standalone program to do this, my personal favorite is YouTube Downloader by BienneSoft. You can download multiple YouTube videos using this program. If you use any of the programs, the output file is still FLV. If you just want to view it from your PC, you need a flash video viewer. F

A Trick that will Open or Close Your CD ROM

Here's a cool trick / script that will open and close CD ROM drives. Open up notepad and copy/paste the entire code/text after this: Set oWMP = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7" ) Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then do For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1 colCDROMs.Item(i).Eject Next ' cdrom For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1 colCDROMs.Item(i).Eject Next ' cdrom loop End If Now, you should rename the file to any name you like and change the extension (.txt) to .vbs Double click the file and see what happens :) To stop the script, open up task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del and find the process (the filename that you made) and the wscript.exe. Stop both processes.

How to Uninstall Deep Freeze with or without the password

Deep freeze is an excellent program is you have a computer shop / internet cafe and you don't want the headache and hassle of reformatting your PC everytime your computer encounter a serious problem. But it can also be a source of your problem if you already want to uninstall it or worse, you don't know/forgot the password. Yesterday, somebody called me up and asked if i can uninstall deep freeze without knowing the password because his former technician went on AWOL. Fortunately, I do. It saved him a lot of time because everyone he asked told him that the only answer to his problem is by formatting his hard drive. I will post here two methods, you can use the first one if you know the password and you just don't know how to disable or uninstall deep freeze. The second one is for those people who forgot the password of their DF program. First method from DeepFreeze FAQ: To uninstall the software Deep Freeze must first be disabled and then uninstalled. To disable Deep Freeze

Say No to Drugs - iloveher.exe virus remover/removal instruction

Here's another autorun virus that is more annoying than other viruses that rely on autorun.inf. I don't know its official name but what it do is put an annoying flashing text in your desktop that says: "Say No to Drugs!!!". It appears right in the middle of your screen and it is really annoying. Once your PC is infected, your task manager will be gone too (disabled) and other Windows programs/commands that you will need to identify/get rid of this virus. The culprit here is the file iloveher.exe that came with this virus/malware/trojan (whatever you call it). Steps to clean it out of your system: 1. Use RRT to restore any restrictions that the virus put to your system. Click to download . 2. Use Flash Disinfector by sUBS to get rid of this annoying virus. Click to download 3. If you want to be sure, there is a batch file made by Nokie that effectively get rid of all the commonly known flash viruses. It's on version 12 as of this writing. He always update it when

Super Video Converter is now 100% Compatible with Vista

My favorite video converter is now 100% compatible with Windows Vista. So if you're a Vista user you can be sure that all the bugs from their previous releases are now gone. Latest version is SUPER©,2008) Super © Video Converter by eRightSoft can do for FREE what other video encoders CAN'T do for money, and I totally agree with that. For example, I always upload videos in YouTube to embed it to my other blog, the problem is, my videos always end up to other sites without even acknowledging my work. The best way to solve this problem for me is to have a watermark to all my videos. FLV is the file I use when uploading in Youtube, that way, it is much faster than uploading original/raw video. And it's the only way to break/bypass the 10-minute restriction in YouTube. So i searched the internet for an FLV encoder that can also add watermark to FLV videos. Guess what, I only found 1 program that can do it and it will cost a fortune for me if I want to have i