Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to Use Smitfraudfix | Tutorial | Download

What is SmitFraudFix?

SmitFraudFix is a freeware utility tool that specialized on spyware, malware and adware removal. What most antivirus software can't handle, SmitFraudFix can. It is very effective that I have this software in my flash drive all the time. If a client complained that their computer is very slow or are having annoying pop-ups and weird activities, I run this software first before doing any software troubleshooting. The maker (siri) updates this software regularly so I advise that you download the latest version first before using it to any computer.

Unfortunately, SmitFraudFix offers no real-time protection, which means that you can only remove parasites when your system has already been infected, and the damage could be already done.

Download SmitFraudFix

Download link

Alternative Download 1
Alternative Download 2

How to use SmitFraudFix

Special Notes: It is highly recommended that you use SmitFraudFix under Safe Mode for maximum removal. I encountered some malware that prevents SmitFraudFix from running or adware that refuse to be deleted. Booting in Safe Mode prevents these kind of problems. In case you still want to run smitfraudfix in normal mode, save all your work first because smitfraudfix closes some if not all programs running. Smitfraudfix also replaces your wallpaper after running (this is because, some adware/malware changes the wallpaper to scare the user that their system is infected with viruses that were never there).

1. Boot in Safe Mode. Log-on using the Administrator account or any account that has administrator privileges. You may also want to turned off system restore.
2. Run SmitFraudFix.

3. A window will appear. Press any key at the first screen.

4. Select number 2 and press enter to clean any infection your computer might have.

5. A window will appear that will ask you if you want to clean the registry. Answer Y (yes) and press Enter in order to remove the hijacked Desktop background and clean registry keys associated with the infection. Sometimes it will seem like your computer hangs up at this stage. That is normal. It will take 3 minutes up to one hour depending on the computer. Though, I usually closes the window if it takes 10 minutes or more (I'm not that patient when it comes to this thing) and then fire up explorer.exe.

6. Restart your computer to normal mode.

If you are still experiencing some adware/malware/spyware infections, you can use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Tool (MBAM) or download noob killer by leerz in conjunction with smitfraudfix.

Known spyware/adware/malware that SmitFraudFix can remove:

Desktop Hijack malware: Advanced Antivirus, Advanced Virus Remover, AdwarePunisher, AdwareSheriff, AlphaCleaner, AntiSpyCheck, AntiSpyware Expert, Antispyware Soldier, AntiVermeans, AntiVermins, AntiVerminser, AntiVirGear, Antivirus 2009, Antivirus 2010, Antivirus 360, AntiVirus Lab 2009, Antivirus Master, Antivirus Sentry, Antivirus System Pro, Antivirus XP 2008, AntivirusGolden, AV Antispyware, AVGold, Awola, BraveSentry, Coreguard Antivirus, Extra Antivirus, HomeAntivirus 2009, IE Defender, IE-Security, Internet Antivirus, Malware Defender 2009, MalwareCrush, MalwareWipe, MalwareWiped, MalwaresWipeds, MalwareWipePro, MalwareWiper, Micro Antivirus 2009, MS AntiSpyware 2009, MS Antivirus, PC Protection Center 2008, Personal Defender 2009, PestCapture, PestTrap, Power Antivirus, Power-Antivirus-2009, PSGuard,, RegistryFox, Registry Cleaner, Renus 2008, Security iGuard, Smart Antivirus 2009, Smitfraud, SmitFraudFixTool, Spy Protector, SpyAxe, SpyCrush, SpyDown, SpyFalcon, SpyGuard, SpyHeal, SpyHeals, SpyLocked, SpyMarshal, SpySheriff, SpySoldier, Spyware Guard 2008, Spyware Protect 2009, Spyware Vanisher, Spyware Soft Stop, SpywareLocked, SpywareQuake, SpywareKnight, SpywareRemover, SpywareSheriff, SpywareStrike,, System Antivirus 2008, System Guard 2009, TheSpyBot, TitanShield Antispyware, Total Protect 2009, Total Secure 2009, Trust Cleaner, Ultimate Antivirus 2008,, UnVirex, Virtual Maid, Virus Heat, Virus Protect, Virus Protect Pro, VirusBlast, VirusBurst, VirusRay, Virus Remover 2008, Virus Shield, VirusResponse Lab 2009, VirusTrigger, Win32.puper, WinHound, WinPC Defender, WiniBlueSoft, Vista Antivirus 2008, WinDefender 2009, XLG Security Center, XP Deluxe Protector, XP Security Center, XPert Antivirus, XP Police Antivirus, Brain Codec, ChristmasPorn, DirectAccess, DirectVideo, EliteCodec, eMedia Codec, EZVideo, FreeVideo, Gold Codec, HQ Codec, iCodecPack, IECodec, iMediaCodec, Image ActiveX Object, Image Add-on, IntCodec, iVideoCodec, JPEG Encoder, Key Generator, LookForPorn, Media-Codec, MediaCodec, MMediaCodec, MovieCommander, MPCODEC, My Pass Generator, NetProject, Online Image Add-on, Online Video Add-on, PCODEC, Perfect Codec, PowerCodec, PornPass Manager, PornMag Pass, Pornovid, PrivateVideo, QualityCodec, Silver Codec, SearchPorn, SexVid, SiteEntry, SiteTicket, SoftCodec, strCodec, Super Codec, TrueCodec, VideoAccess, VideoBox, VidCodecs, Video Access ActiveX Object, Video ActiveX Object, Video Add-on, VideoCompressionCodec, VideoKeyCodec, VideosCodec, WinAntiSpyPro, WinMediaCodec, X Password Generator, X Password Manager, ZipCodec, WinCoDecPRO...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Smart Bro Share-It in Cavite - WiFi Router

Is Smartbro Share It available in Cavite area?

Quick answer:
Yes and No.

Edit: (October 21, 2009) Smartbro Shaire It is now available in Dasmarinas Area

Edit: (October 7, 2009) Just got home from Divine Grace Medical Center and they have Smartbro Share-It connection. So I'm sure that it is available in Tejero, Gen. Trias area. Although, I'm not sure at the surrounding towns (Noveleta, Tanza, Kawit, Rosario) if it is available now. It will be better if you will go to Smart Wireless Center at SM Bacoor to inquire.

As of this writing it is only available in Bacoor, Silang and Tagaytay City. That is according to their representative at Smart Wireless Center in SM Bacoor. Unfortunately, I live in Noveleta and HSDPA connection is not yet available here. I get 3G signal here though, so I thought Smart Bro Share It is available here. According to their representative, HSDPA signal is required. Even though I'm not sure about that, I have choice but to look for another service.

For several months now, I am in search of a decent internet connection to use in my home. PLDT MyDSL, Globe Broadband and Digitel DSL do not have connection in our area (yeah, I live in a very remote place, sort of lol) I tried applying to Smart Bro (the one with the canopy) but there are trees blocking in the canopy's line of sight to their tower. Right now, I'm using my Nokia 6120 phone + smart SIM when I want to connect to the internet. The only downside is, it is not unlimited. I want unlimited connection when in comes to my internet usage. It is not practical for me as I spent large amount of time online.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware - A Must-have Computer Technician's Tool

Download Malwarebytes Anti Malware here

This tool/software saved my as* a couple of times now. This is a must-have for computer technicians and even for normal PC user. It's amazingly simple yet effective removal tool for malware, rootkits, worms, trojans, viruses, spyware and other malicious programs .

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is an anti-malware application that can thoroughly remove even the most advanced malware. It includes a number of features, including a built in protection monitor that blocks malicious processes before they even start.

Detection capabilities of MBAM is great, , as claimed by the developers, many times it discovered malware like rootkits, worms, trojans, viruses, spyware and other malicious programs that weren’t detected by other anti-malware programs like anti-viruses and anti-trojans. MBAM was also able to detect the recent XP Antivirus 2008/2009 malware programs and removed this crap entirely. I am even more enthousiastic about the cleaning capabilities of MBAM, all discovered malware was cleaned/removed 100%, without leaving any traces.
MBAM offer support for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista, and is free. However, the full (paid) version unlocks realtime protection, scheduled updating and scheduled scanning. If you like the program, I advice to opt for the full version. Price: a one time fee of $24.95. That's cheaper than hiring a computer technician to do the same job.
MBAM Download Link Here

Monday, August 10, 2009

Download Noob Killer by Leerz - A Handy Virus Removal Tool | Latest Version

Noob Killer by Leerz is a simple but effective virus removal tool that I frequently use on my computer repair jobs. Easy to use, fast, lightweight and like I said, effective. What more can you asked for?

Download Link

Noob Killer by Leerz error:

You will need the VB6 Runtime Environment as this program was written using Visual Basic program, if not you will receive this error when trying to open the program:

NOOB.KILLER.leerz.exe - Unable to Locate Component
This application has failed to start because MSVBVM60.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

Noob Killer Description:
Noob Killer by Leerz most recent version is able to pick up and remove the following annoying viruses:

* VBS Worm\Solow
* Hacked by Godzilla (and its other variants)
*Taga Lipa Are virus
* Baguio Strawberry Worm
* Yahoo! Worm (Sohanad) || Some Variants
* Krag.exe (I'm Not The Only One)
* Destrukto | explorar.vbs
* jay.exe | jaymykawen9
* w32dranyam | marcmaynard.exe
* Funny UST Scandal(Avi).exe
* SilentSoftech.exe | anti-taga lipa are
* Disk Knight
* Thank You!! Password WinZip123 | password_viewer.exe bar311.exe
* iloveher.exe | say no to drugs!!!
* display monitor.exe | new folder variant
* ImgKulot and variants, jamesgo, bungoton and the like [*.bat, *.reg, *.vbs collection]
* kxvx | kavo, amvo, kevo
* transmit.exe setup.exe | black pegasus
* .. and still counting!
Noob Killer by Leerz can also patch your registry to enable:
1. Enable Folder Option
2. Enable Registry Editor
3. Enable Task Manager
4. Show all Hidden Files
Written in Visual Basic, Initially it was only for cleaning and removing VBS\Worm.Solow variants, popularly known as “Hacked by Godzilla” and “Taga Lipa Are” which that spreads through removable mass storage devices (flashdrives | flash drives) via Visual Basic(VBS) and autorun.inf scripts.
The Noob Killer by Leerz now caters a hefty amount of worms and viruses listed for cleaning, with the current active development, the list is still counting everyday.

How to use Noob Killer by Leerz:
1. There are several files at the noob killer folder. You need to run NOOB.KILLER.leerz.exe
2. Update the program if you are not sure that you are using the latest one. Select X at the toolbar and select Live Update Now!
3. After updating, click 8-X Kill All and it will scan for all possible virus infection it can get rid off. Remember that it will restart your computer after that so you need to save all your work prior to running Noob Killer by Leerz.

Download Link
VB6 Runtime Files

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Toshiba Satellite A215-S5822 Driver for Windows XP | WinXP

The picture above is Toshiba Satellite A215-S5822, originally having Windows Vista installed. As we all know, majority of the people prefers Windows XP over Windows Vista. The problem is the WinXP driver availability of Toshiba Satellite laptops. I downgraded one into Windows XP just a while ago and I faced the problem about the driver issues.

I easily installed majority of the components except for the wireless network device or wifi and the built-in webcam. So I'm uploading these drivers for those people who have a hard time finding those mentioned drivers.

Here are the other components of Toshiba Satellite A215-S5822 in case you have trouble finding the right drivers for you device:

Display | VGA card: ATI Radeon Xpress 1200 Series
IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers: Ricoh Memory Stick Controller, Ricoh SD Bus Host Adapter, Ricoh SD/MMC Host Controller, Ricoh xD-Picture Card Controller
Mice and other pointing devices: Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad
Modem: Toshiba Software Modem
Network Adapter | LAN: Atheros AR5008X Wireless Network Adapter, Realtek RTL8101E Family PCI-E FE NIC
Sound: Realtek High Definition Audio