How to Remove Kathyros Virus

Kathyros Virus Removal

There's a new virus in the wild named Kathyros Virus. As of this posting, i still can't find an automatic remover for this. But don't worry, there are several manual procedure you can do to get rid of this Kathyros virus.

1. First, you can use Flash_Disinfector <-- just click the link and download it there. Although this tool is primarily created for disinfecting flash drives, it can also clean your regular drives. Just double click the file you have downloaded and it will do the rest. If you have a flash/thumb drive that is also infected with Kathyros Virus, you should plug it first to your usb port before running flash disinfector. Flash disinfector specifically target these malwares/viruses: W32/Perlovga (copy.exe | host.exe) VBS_RESULOWS.A (Hacked by Godzilla, Hacked by Moozilla) Bha.dll.vbs w32automa worm (Autorun.vbs) Trojan.Win32.VB.atg | Win32/Dzan | Worm_vb.bnr (tel.xls.exe | mmc.exe) W32/RJump.worm (RavMonE) | W32.Fujacks (spoclsv.exe) W32.Fujacks.BH (Fucker.vbs) WORM_AGENT.PGV (soundmix.exe) W32/Hakaglan.worm (RVHost.exe) Trojan.Win32.VB.ayo [AVP] (Macromedia_Setup.exe) Trojan.VBS.DeltreeY.b#1 (Destrukto!!! | destrukto.vbs) So if you believe you have one of those viruses in your system or your flash disk, you can also use it there. If you seem to get rid of the Kathyros virus by using Flash Disinfector, then good for you. Second thing to do is to delete the Kathyros files. You should enable "Show hidden files and folders" in your explorer. To do this, open up My Computer then click on Tools>Folder Options>View> and then click on Show Hidden Files and Folders. Click Ok. Search for the files Kathyros.bat, Kathyros.exe, Kathyros.vbs in your C: drive and in c:\windows\system32 folder. Or you can use the search function of windows Xp to easily locate these files. If you found any file that has kathyros name on it, delete it.

Any suggestion, question or violent reaction? Feel free to leave a comment.

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Anonymous said…
It really works, thanx. But after I restart my computer kathyros is back and I have to run the program again. How can I get rid of it permanently???

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