Lsass.exe - Insufficient System Error

Lsass.exe Error - insufficient system resources exist to complete the API

I encountered this error a while ago in a client's pc. Windows will load as usual but when it reach the log on screen, this error will appear:

Insufficient system resources exist to complete the API.

At first, i thought that it was just an ordinary error caused by a virus. So i tried to log on using safe mode but the machine restarts before reaching the log on screen.

I searched the internet for a possible solution and it turned out that this error is caused by very low hard disk space. I asked the owner if it is the case and he said yes.

So I boot the PC using the Windows XP installer CD, and go straight to the command prompt. I deleted some files from the C: drive, deleted a total of 50+ mb, then restarted the pc to check if it is already sufficient for a boot start.

It was successful and the PC get past the log on screen. I uninstall some programs that is not important and also moved the My Documents folder to another partition. Mission accomplished.


Unknown said…
thanks for your good solution
Anonymous said…
thanks for the useful idea. . . it really helped me solve my problem. godbless
Thanks for the tip! To clarify your post (I had a bit of trouble understanding it), here's a step-by-step explanation:

1) Insert your Windows XP installation disc.
2) Restart and keep pressing F2 to enter your BIOS
3) Navigate to the Boot section, change the boot priority device to your CD/DVD ROM drive
4) Hit F10 to save and exit.
5)When the system restarts it'll ask you to hit any key to boot from disc. Hit any key.
6) You'll see a blue screen with options for Windows setup, entering the recovery console, etc. Enter the Recovery Console.
7) The Recovery Console is like a DOS command prompt. Here you basically need to delete basically any one file that you can and get out of there.
8) Type DIR C: to see the files in your C: drive (change C to your system drive if it's different)
9) Find a file in the list that you can delete. I found a video player setup file (Splayersetup.exe) - so I typed del splayersetup.exe
10) That's it. Exit, restart, remove your installation disc and restart again. You should be back in business.
Michi said…
Thanks, that was exactly the Problem.
Anonymous said…
Hi Friend..
Thanks a lot this topic really helped me to solve my issue. Thanks
chaanakyan said…
Thanks. the same problem happened me also. when I do the excersie, its over.


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