Why is my Google Analytics Site Search Overview blank?

Google Analytics is one of the most important tools if you have a website. You can analyze your web traffic and easily make changes depending on the data presented on it.

One of Google Analytics feature that I always check is the site search overview. Why? Because it gives me ideas on what topic I should right next on my website. I installed Google site search on my blog not just to add additional income from Google Adsense but to know what my readers are searching as well. If they’re searching from it on my site, it means that they are interested in that topic.

Where can I see the searched terms or keywords on Google Analytics?

In Google Analytics, go to Standard Reporting. On the left sid e click on Content, then Site Search > Overview.

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But what if your Google Analytics site search is blank just like in the screenshot above? It means that Site Search tracking is disabled on your GA account. I first noticed this when I switched to the new version. I don’t know if it is because of that or I just noticed it after switching or it is just a coincidence. If this happens to you, follow the instructions below.

How to enable Site Search tracking

On the upper right hand side of GA (Google Analytics) click the Gear icon. This is the settings button.
Click on Profile Settings

Go to the bottom of the page (Site Search Settings) and choose Do Track Site Search.

On Query parameter type q

Then click on Apply.

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