HP Pavilion dv4000 sent in for repair

A laptop was brought in my computer repair shop today. It was an HP Pavilion dv4000. It has a widescreen LCD, 512 MB Memory, a 100Gb hard disk, DVD writer and an Altec Lansing speaker.

The owner said that it is newly formatted. But the problem is he cannot connect to the internet because the driver for his modem is missing. Upon inspection it turned out that it not just the modem driver but several other devices don’t have its drivers installed.

He requested that I format it again, install the appropriate drivers and software that he might need because he doesn’t have the back up cd or driver cd that came with it.

About the drivers, I can easily go the HP website and browse for the drivers, but I decided not to and instead make my own Windows Xp installer, slipstream the latest updates and add driver packs into it. (Click here for my blog article about making your own Windows Xp installer cd with complete drivers)

The result is a fully functional laptop, with the latest updates and drivers.

Until next time!

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