How to Display Adsense Ads Below the Blog Title in Blogger

As you can see, I'm monetizing this blog by using Google Adsense. I get paid every time someone clicks an ad. The most effective ad placement for me is the one located under the blog title. I will post here the steps if you want to implement this on your site.

  1. Create your desired adsense ads and copy the code.

Adsense Code
2. You will need to convert the code because blogger will not accept it. Use postable for that. A very friendly app written by Elliot Swan. Paste it in the box and click on "make it friendly". Don't close it yet, you will need the code later.

postable - very handy app
3. Go to Blogger dashboard > click on Design > the Edit HTML. Put a check mark on Expand Widget Templates and search for To do it faster, click on Ctrl+F on your keyboard and find it.

4. Now paste the code from postable above . If you want your adsense ad to float along with the post body, add this code before and after your adsense code: 

Put your adsense code here

If you want it to float to the left, just change it to "left", duh (just kidding!).

Screenshot of the result:

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