Site Redesign

After months of procrastination, I successfully implemented a redesign of this site. The old template is a little quirky and I used it for more than a year already. This time, I decided to use a simple blogger template, one with no bells and whistles because I don't want any incompatibilities to occur now and for the future. I find that the customized templates that are downloadable on the internet are sometimes untrustworthy. The makers usually put hidden codes that you will not notice if you don't inspect the code carefully. And if you find a clean template, you will have a problem sooner or later when blogger updated its design or algorithm.

I'm not finish yet on my redesign project but so far I'm already quite satisfied with the results.  I have lot of things to add here. Social media marketing is getting bigger and bigger, and I want to optimize my site for that. I will still add some twitter/facebook/digg/etc gadgets on the sidebar. I'm thinking of adding a header about computer repair and add some tabs.

I'm also thinking of getting a mailing list to add interaction with my readers and start a monthly computer repair newsletter. I will make this site more user friendly to aspiring computer technicians out there. I want them to come back to this site regularly and interact more. I will start a brand new section about basic computer repair (Computer Repair 101). So keep an eye on it.

I'm also planning to start a video section about computer repair tips and how-tos. But it will mostly focus on software troubleshooting because I don't have enough hardware here in Thailand (I recently relocated).

If you have any suggestions about things that I can add to this blog, feel free to leave a comment.


Edmar said…
Yeah, I accept guest posts.

By the way, please don't spam this website with non-sense comments. I'm pretty lenient in moderating the comments section but please don't overdo it.
Ms Fisher said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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