A Ridiculous Copyright Claim in Youtube - Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society

Two days ago, I uploaded my first Youtube video to further utilize social media. I thought that it would be a good idea to branch out and start to establish my online brand and presence. It will drive more traffic to my site and add some passive income. So I got out of my comfort zone and record the video and uploaded it to Youtube. 

Guess what, a day after, I got a RIDICULOUS copyright claim on my first Youtube video. The entity that is claiming copyright infringement  is Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society. The claim say that my content type infringe a Musical Composition

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I say ridiculous because my video doesn't even have background music to begin with. It's just my voice and a single error wav file from windows. I didn't know that my voice is now considered a musical composition. For those of you who are curious, here's the video:

I started my research and I found out that this same entity flags youtube videos deliberately even though they don't have the copyright on certain music. It looks like they do this to get compensation from Youtube. Nice modus operandi. They have a Facebook Page and there are several hate comments there. This is written on their About Page: "You get the pleasure of posting videos. We get the pleasure of making money from your videos. It's a win-win situation :)". Very classy.

What should you do?

So what should you do if you experience this situation? I disputed the claim and you should too. Even though Youtube said that it will not affect my video, it also say that ads may appear next to my video. I believe this is where Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society makes money. 

Here are the steps to dispute a claim in Youtube:
1. Go to Video Manager of your account and click on the Matched third party content. 

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2. At the bottom of the page, click on I want to learn more about the dispute process.

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3. On the bottom-right side of the page, click on I have a valid reason to dispute this claim. Take me to the dispute form.
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4. Fill out the dispute form. It will be two steps.

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5. After that click on Submit Dispute.

Here's a video for those of you who wants to see the steps visually.


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