YouTube Alternative - A List of other Video Hosting Sites

YouTube is great, no doubt about it, but sometimes you just need to find other video hosting site that will let you upload better videos in terms of quality and without the restrictions that YouTube has. So here's an extensive list of "Other" video hosting sites you can use. There are plenty out there. Some people will even be surprise to know that YouTube is not the "only one".

  1. Facebook Video
  2. Yahoo! Video - Yes, Yahoo! has one. I myself didn't know that it exist before.
  3. MySpace Video
  4. - Better quality video hosting than YouTube.
  5. Revver - Revver can track your video as it spreads and they share revenues with the uploader
  6. metacafe - One of the first video hosting site where you can also earn money when you upload videos
  7. metatube
  8. vimeo - Also one of the first video uploading site
  9. Putfile
  10. ShortBrain - This is one of a number of sites where you can earn a share of revenue if your video is popular enough.
  11. Zazzoo
  12. Imeem
  13. SelfCastTV
  14. - They share ad revenue with content creators.
  15. TubeMogul -a free service that enables you to upload your videos to all major video sharing sites automatically
  16. Dailymotion
  17. PhotoBucket - Yes, they are known to be photo uploading site, but they accept videos too.
  18. Stage6


Anonymous said…
Thanks for this list! I might try them when am ready to upload one... I really enjoy watching the teleseryes that I've missed, thank you for the tip on what to do so that I can watch nang tuloy-tuloy! Actually, mas maganda sa internet kasi walang commercials!

OK itong site mo, tho medyo too technical for me and ibang articles that I've read so far. More power and God bless!

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