Inkjet Refilling Instructions - Downloadble PDF file

How to: Refill Inkjet Cartridges

Yesterday, I uploaded general refilling instruction for laserjet toners. Now, I have another one for inkjet printer users out there. This PDF file contains general instructions on how to refill inkjet cartridges on your own. Almost all types of inkjet printers cartridge are included here.

Download Here - Inkjet Refill Instructions

Printer Cartridge instructions that are included in this file:

Brother Printer Cartridges
IN-700, LC11BK
IN-710C, LC11CL
LC01BK, LC01C, LC01M, LC01Y
LC02BK, LC02C, LC02M, LC02Y, LC21Bk, LC21C, LC21M, LC21Y, LC31C, LC31M, LC31Y, LC31BK
LC04C, LC04M, LC04Y, LC04BK
LC41C, LC41M, LC41Y, LC41BK
LC25Bk, LC25C, LC25M, LC25Y

Canon Printer Cartridges
BCI-21 & 24
BC-20 & BC-23
BJI-201BK HC, BJI-201BK, BJI-201C, BJI-201M, BJI-201Y BC-01, BC-02, BC-05, BX-02, BX-03, BC-06
BCI-60, BCI-61, BCI-62
BCI-3eBk, BCI-3eC, BCI-3eM, BCI-3eY, BCI-3Bk, BCI-3C, BCI-3M, BCI-3Y, BCI-3PBk, BCI-3PC, BCI-3PM, BCI-5Bk, BCI-5C, BCI-5M, BCI-5Y, BCI-5PC, BCI-5PM, BCI-8Bk, BCI-8C, BCI-8M, BCI-8Y, BCI-8PBk, BCI-8PC, BCI-8PM
PG-40, PG-50, CL-41, CL-51, CL-52

Compaq Printer Cartridges

337714-001, 180845-001, 337709-001, 180847-001
337715-001, 180846-001, 337710-001, 180848-001, 180844-001

Dell Printer Cartridges

7Y743, T0529, T0601
7Y745, T0530, T0602

Digital Printer Cartridges

Epson Printer Cartridges
S020062, S020118, S020122, S020130
S020093, S020097, S020110, S020193, S020187, S020189, S020191, S020089, S020093, S020108, S020047, S020049, S020097, S020034, S020036, S020138, T001, T003011, T003012, T005011
T0321,T0322, T0323, T0324, T0331, T0332, T0333, T0334, T0335, T0336, T0341, T0342, T0343, T0344, T0345, T0346, T0347, T0348, T0422, T0423, T0424, ICD Y21
T0431, T0441, T0442, T0443, T0444, T0481, T0482, T0483, T0484, T0485, T0486, T0540, T0541, T0542, T0543, T0544, T0545, T0546, T0547, T0548, T0549, T0601, T078xxx, T077xxx,T054xxx

Hewlett Packard - HP
51626A, 51629A, 51626G, 51629G, 51633M, C6614AN, C6628AN
51625A, 51649A , 51649G, C1816A
51645A, 51645G, 51640A, 51640C, 51640M, 51640Y, 51644C, 51644M, 51644Y, C6615DN , C6615AN
51641A, C1823A, C1823D, C1823G, C6625AN, C6578AN, C6578DN, C3844A
C4841A, C4842A, C4843A, C4844A
C6656A, C6657A, C6658A, C8727A, C8728A, C8766W, C8765W, C9359A, C8767W, C9368A, C9369W, C9363W, HP 74XL ,75, 75XL 27
C1806A, C1807A, C1808A, C1809A
C5010A, C5011A
C6634A, C6635A
C8721,C8771,C8772,C8773,C8774,C8775 (HP 02) Cartridges C9351AN

Lexmark Cartridges
10N0016, 10N0217, 12A1970, 12A1975, 1361400, 13400HC, 1380620, 1382050, 15M2971, 16G0055 17G0050, 18L0032
12A1980, 12A1985, 1380619, 10N0026, 15M0120, 15M0125, 18L0042, 1382060, 17G0060, 16G0065 12A1990, 1361760
1380490, 1380491, 1380492, 1380493
18C0031, 18C0032, 18C0033, 18C0034, 18C0035 18C0781 (#1)

Okidata Cartridges
52110001, 52110002, 52110003, 52110004

Pitney Bowes Cartridges

Sharp Cartridges
AJ-C50B, UX-C70B

Xerox Cartridges
8R12591, 8R7880, 8R882
8R7660, 8R7661, 8R7662, 8R7663, 8R7638
8R7903, 8R7904
8R7971, 8R7972, 8R7973, 8R7974

Download PDF file here


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