How To: Port Forward Globe Broadband's Prolink H9200

Here's a step by step guide on how to Port Forward Globe's Prolink H9200 to be use in Utorrent.

Port forwarding in Prolink H9200 is a little bit different in Hurricane 9300G, but it is as easy. Torrent downloads are greatly affected if you do not use port forwarding in Globe DSL.

Step 1. You need to set Port 80 in Utorrent for incoming connections. Any other port is blocked by Globe Broadband. Open up Utorrent, at the upper left menu, click on Options > Preferences.

A box will appear like the one below, put 80 on the box next to Port Used for Incoming Connections. And also, remove the check next to Enable UPnP port mapping

To enable Port Forwarding in Prolink Hurricane's H9200, you need to have Static IP address on your PC.

Go to your desktop, Right Click on My Network Places and then click on Properties. Something like the box below will appear, select Local Area Connection, right-click on it and then choose properties.

Double click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Internet Protocol Property box will appear. Enter information like the box below:

Ip address: (default assigned ip address when using dynamic ip)
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Preferred DNS server:

Now that you already configured Utorrent and your static IP address. It is now time to configure your modem. I will borrow pictures from

Open up your favorite browser like Mozilla firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera browser. Type in the address bar (that is the default IP address of your modem)

A box will appear prompting you for your username and password. The default username is admin and the default password is password. This page will appear (click the picture to enlarge):

Click the Services button near the top of the page (click the picture to enlarge):

Select NAT Rule Entry from the NAT Options drop down box.

Click the Add button near the bottom of the page and enter these information, and then click submit.

Click the Close button near the bottom of the page.

Click the IP Filter link near the top of the page.

Select Low from the Security Level drop down box. Select Accept from the Public Default Action, Private Default Action and DMZ Default Action drop down box.

Click the Submit button near the bottom of the page.

Click the Admin button near the top of the page.

You should now see a new menu. In this new menu, click Commit & Reboot.

Click the Commit button near the bottom of the page.

Click the Reboot button near the bottom of the page.

And you're done.

*Some pictures are from


Anonymous said…
I have tried doing everything that you have instructed but my download speed in utorrent is still slow and worst of all sometimes it is even zero. I think globelines is intentionally blocking downloading of torrents. I am also using PLDT and it has never caused me this type of problem.
Anonymous said…
I have tried whatever you said but my uTorrent still no connection. what should i do?? i really confiused!!! please reply me as soon as you read this!!!
thanks a lot!!!
Unknown said…
Thanks a lot pre! I followed every details you mentioned and i finally got that network "green check" connection on uTorrent client. Now i am downloading torrents up to a "maximum" of 200 KB/s.

Now I'm trying to figure out to enable file sharing between my two laptops (one connected to the Prolink H9200 LAN port and the other through the USB port using the provided USB connection wire). I don't know but it seems the static IP address (mentioned on your blog) i used caused the miscommunication of my two laptops, I previously tried ad hoc network before but i also was not able to share files only internet connection was shared. If you have any idea on what i should do... i would really appreciate it.
Anonymous said…
How about opening a incomming port for a web server any idea? it seems they have same steps but hmmm somethings missing or wrong with the configuration
Anonymous said…
Do you know how to change the settings of the ZTE MF600 issued by globe, i have access to the modem but don't know how to find the right settings to change
Anonymous said…
Thanks a lot man! ur the best, i tried it like 20 times, turns out i only needed a default ip address. The picture from is wrong by the way. the rule ID should be 2 or any other unused ID rather than 1. Just like 2 clear that up.
Anonymous said…
I happened to open a videoke site and run it, after awhile my laptop's speaker is not functioning already. Did check the games, controller, sounds, etc. and nothings change. What do you think happened? Can you help me fix my speaker?
Anonymous said…
applicable rin ba sa prolink H5200?? tnx!
Anonymous said…
For PROLINK 5200:

1. Make your IP Static - Ex.

2. Go to your Modem (Prolink 5200) Gui. Select Firewall then hit DMZ, click enable, enter your IP add (

3. On Firewall again hit Port Forwarding

Protocol: Both
Local Ip:
Local Port: 46504 - 46504
Remote Ip add:
Public Port: 46504 - 46504
Interface: any

4. Click ADMIN, Hit SAVE & Reboot

5. Open UTORRENT, Press ctrl+G Change Port to 46504.

by: Cryptonyt
HomeDesign said…
hello to all,
I have also a broadband connection from Globelines und the Prolink H5200 Modem/Router.
the instuctions here works very well. thanks a lot.
who know, where i get more informations about settings for my modem/router ProLink H5200?
I like to use webhosting and ecommerce, so I need to set some options, but I dont know how.
Ilook for a manual or other information.
thanks for your help
HomeDesign said…
hello again,
I use the Globeline Prolink Modem/Router H5200

know somebody this problem?

Diagnostic Test

LAN Connection Check
Test Ethernet LAN Connection PASS

ADSL Connection Check
Synchronization PASS

Test ATM OAM F5 Segment Loopback PASS

Test ATM OAM F5 End-to-end Loopback PASS

Test ATM OAM F4 Segment Loopback PASS

Test ATM OAM F4 End-to-end Loopback FAIL

Internet Connection Check
Test PPP Server Connection PASS
Test Authentication with ISP PASS
Test the assigned IP Address PASS

Ping Primary Domain Name Server PASS

so: i can see 1 error there.
thanks in advance
Anonymous said…
in adding NAT Rule entry,
you cant make Rule ID to 1. there is already and existing Rule ID 1. .is it ok if i set it to 2 instead? help pls. .thanks in advance
Anonymous said…
Globe gave me a new modem/router - Turbolink AE860C1-A, will this same setting work?
Anonymous said…
I have been trying to figure this thing out FOREVER!!! I've read all the posts everywhere and this is the first one the WORKS!!. Thank you Bro. I used the example on a Imac OSX with Prolink 5200 and it works perfectly. Many many thanks.......
Unknown said…
I am using ZTE MF600 by globe please help... I can't get through the modem settings... Anyone please help.....
Anonymous said…
sir i have a prolink Hurricane 5200 can you please help me. thanks
Henry said…
Yeah please help us! Hurricane 5200. seems like GLOBE does not support opening ports? Please help.
free file hosting
Anonymous said…
Mga bossig, Paanu po yong iset yong port ng huawei b933 para po sa utorrent? salamat po in advance...
Anonymous said…
Anyone knows how to Configure the Globe Broadband Huawie B933 for "Porting" Utorrent???
Anonymous said…
hello mga noypi! meron aq modem echolife BM621 (globe broadband)
paano ba mag portforward gamit ito? meron kc game na KCVDS kelngan mag portforward para mka laro ng online using IP address..wala kc option ng portforward ang modem ko..
pls help!
Anonymous said…
please help me open and forward port to my router huawei b200. im having a error message from utorrent that says"not connectible. a firewall/router is limiting your network traffic. you need to open up a port so others can connect to you" pls, pls help me. ive bein trying to open up port for almost 2wks now, but i still havent got a green signal from utorrent. thanks in advance
Anonymous said…
Applicable din po ba yan sa globe wimax. I connect to the internet through wifi connected to globe wimax modem. I have an error message from utorrent that says "not connectible. A firewall/router is limiting your network traffic. You need to open up a port so others can connect to you Also, I'm having a hard time surfing the web. Some sites would not open. Please help. Thanks in advance.
wigmond said…
sir applicable ba to sa prolink h5301g? kasi wireless d ko alam kung anu gagawin please help
pinoyverse said…
this tutorial is very help =D may be you can also put up some tutorial for

Port Forwarding Utorrent on the Prolink 5201

that would be awesome! =D
KirbY1337 said…
I was searching how to porfoward for my router so we can play Minecraft with my friends lol

2020. still no solution, so I have to use VPN instead huh? That sucks D:

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