How to repair runtime error 13 in Windows

If you are using Microsoft softwares, you will most likely run into run time errors as they are very common. In most cases, these errors are caused by conflicts that occur between the program and the operating system.

Runtime error 13 usually results when a user is running various programs utilizing Visual Basic when launching their system. Such programs include financial applications as well as anti-virus software and others that rely on Visual Basic. You can resolve runtime error 13 just as you fix other run time errors… that is, you have to find the problem and address it.

So Why Do You Get Runtime Error 13?

Usually, run time error 13 occurs with a problem to the order of components being used to launch an application. If you are starting a video game on Windows, for example, the system has to load the right files before the program can be launched. The files are in sequence. If one of them is missing or out of sequence, or is corrupt, then you will get this particular run-time error. If the Visual Basic element is involved, it usually means that there is more than one conflict.

Runtime Error 13 Troubleshooting

In order to fix runtime error 13, you need to find the file or files that are causing the error. The first thing to do is to check with the vendor of the software to see if there are any reported errors or patches that can be used to rectify the problem. This is the same type of method that is used to fix other run time errors.

You can also try to uninstall the application causing the problem and then re-install it. In some cases, poor installation can be the cause of errors, and reinstalling the software is the best way to eliminate this problem.

If you cannot rectify runtime error 13 after trying these methods, then you may want to use a registry cleaner. Aregistry cleaner will go through your computer and get rid of any dead or corrupted files. Often, a registry cleaner will be able to come up with the problem right away and solve it as well.

In some cases though, runtime 13 error is caused by a computer virus. You should have a good anti-virus program on your computer that will eliminate the potential for Trojans or viruses entering your computer and playing havoc with your programs. It is not difficult to fix runtime error 13. True, it can be very annoying, but it can often be rectified in the same manner as fixing all run time errors.Runtime errors often prompt you if you want the error to be reported to Microsoft. If you want to, you can disable error reporting to Microsoft if it’s bugging you.


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