How Can I Reset My Phone Lock Code in Motorola W220.

Recently I happened to meet a friend who had this problem with his second hand Motorola W220. The owner happened to be too keen to keep his messages and phone book private that he locked those applications with a PIN number. He asked me to find a way to reset his password. Digging on the internet I found this code called the E2p for the Motorola W220 mobile.

Here are the steps to reset the phone lock code in your Motorola. But be warned that you will LOSE ALL DATA in your mobile. So have a backup!

1. Type *#778337# and press the SEND (Green color button).
2. The phone restarts by itself.
3. Congratulations! Your phone lock has been reset to the default code and all restrictions are removed. .

I have tested the code only on Motorola W220. Try this code at your own risk. Also do let me know via comments if this code works on any other Motorola mobiles.


Anonymous said…
sure this trick doesn't work, come up with another one which you are sure of.

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