DareGlobal DB108 ADSL2+ Modem/Router Configuration

PLDT MyDSL DareGlobal DB108 ADSL2+ Modem | Step-by-Step Routing Mode Configuration

Here's a step-by-step guide if you want to set your Dare Global DB 108 ADSL2+ PLDT MyDSL modem into routing/router mode:

1. Manually assign an IP address to your computer. You need to access the configuration page of your modem/router. The default IP address of DareGlobal DB 108 ADSL2+ modem is So, click Start and then point to My Network Places at the left side, click on View Network Connections. You can also double-click My Network Places in your desktop if it is present or go to Control Panel and then Network Connections.

2. Double Click Local Area Connection. A window will appear just like below.

3. Under This connection uses the following items, click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then Properties.
4. Click Use the following IP address. Put on IP address, Subnet mask will be automatically filled. On default gateway and preferred DNS server, input

5. Now click OK

6. Open any available Internet Browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera) and enter to the address bar.

7. Your modem will ask for username and password. The default username for DareGlobal DB108 ADSL2+ modem is admin and the default password is password.

8. At the Configuration Page, click on WAN and edit 0/100 under VPI/VCI
(Please note: I'm here in Cavite so I need to edit 0/100. In some places, you may need to edit 0/35 instead.)

9. Click Next.
10. Select MAC Encapsulation Routing (MER) and under Encapsulation Mode select LLC/SNAP-Bridging. Click Next.

11. Click Next
12. Put a check on Enable NAT and Enable WAN Service. Click Next.
13. Click Save.

14. DO NOT Save and Reboot yet. Click on LAN on Left Menu. Select Enable DHCP Server. Now Click Save/Reboot.

15. Close your browser.

Optional: You can now repeat steps 1-5 but on step 4 select Obtain an IP address automatically and obtain DNS server automatically to avoid possible IP address conflicts in the future.


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