Sotec Winbook WV2150 - Audio and Video Driver WinXP/Vista

Here's a little info for those people looking for drivers of Sotec Winbook WV2150. I wish this will help those people having problems with the correct drivers because they can't identified the correct name/manufacturer/model of the hardware.

I recently installed a new hard drive into a Sotec Winbook WV2150. After doing a fresh install of Windows XP, the the audio and video card drivers are missing.

I used driverforge along with driver packs to install the missing drivers, but driverforge or maybe Windows itself incorrectly identified the sound card as C-Media AC'97. The device could not start according to the device manager, so the sounds don't work. The VGA was fine though, it is Sis 650_651_M650_M652_740. After some research, I found out that he correct sound card/audio driver should be Realtek AC'97 Audio Driver.

Here's a screenshot of the device manager of a working Sotec Winbook WV2150:

Audio/Sound Card: Realtek AC'97 Audio
Video/VGA: Sis 650_651_M650_M652_740
Modem: Smart Link 56K Voice Modem
LAN: SIS 900-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter


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