Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Disassemble IBM ThinkPad T20 | IBM Thinkpad T20/T21/T22/T23 Disassembly

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to disassemble an IBM Thinkpad T20 Laptop. This also applies to T21, T22, and T23 Series.

1. Remove the battery pack

2. Remove the CMOS battery
3. Open the LCD a little and then remove the hard disk drive. Note that the hard disk is attached to the cover.

4. Remove memory / DIMM

For the rest, you can download it here. <Download Link>


Unknown said...

I have got one,yeah this really is great.....Thanks

filter llanes said...

so nice thank you very much for the tip

Hadding said...

Thanks for the shitty instructions. I broke the plastic piece that covers the hd and still wasn't able to get the hd out. Go and die.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the incomplete instructions. I need to take it much further apart to repair.
Please change the description to "How to remove a few things from a IBM ThinkPad T20 | IBM Thinkpad T20/T21/T22/T23 Disassembly".