Saturday, April 25, 2009

Deep Freeze: Protect Your PC Without using Anti virus

One of the biggest problem of a computer is the viruses. There are many software’s and anti virus lunch but some of them didn’t effect permanently. To those people who are in business like School (Computer Laboratories), Internet Cafe, and some other business that using computer for there costumers I recommend you to use Deep Freeze a software that can protect your computer generally.

How Deep Freeze works?

If you install the Deep freeze in the computer that computer will be frozen to the setting you made for it. If the costumer used that computer and for example he used a Universal Serial Bus (USB) for saving his work and his USB has a virus and your computer was infected the only thing you must do is to restart that computer and after it the virus will gone because your system will back in his original settings. You don’t need to install Anti virus when you are using Deep Freeze because the update of your Anti Virus will be useless when you restart your computer unless you will disable the deep freeze every time you will update your Anti Virus. But for me I didn’t use Anti virus when I am using Deep Freeze because some of the Anti Virus made your computer slow so in case I have a problem in viruses and some other problem I’ve just restart my computer to fix it. Another Problem that deep freeze can help is for example your costumer installed something in your computer that is not useful for you, you don’t need to install it but just restart your computer and the installed program by your costumer will gone.

Important things to do when using Deep Freeze.

1. You need to provide a storage in order for you to save your project and important files because you cannot save any data to a computer with a deep freeze installed.

2. disable deep freeze when you are going to update your system or you are going to install a new program.

3. Enable deep freeze when you are finish to update or installed a new program in order to be frozen again.

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