Enable Administrator Account in Vista and XP

A step-by-step tutorial on how to enable the built in Administrator account. This works on XP and Vista. Do not use on any computer but your own.

Alright so you have a problem with your computer or you just can not change anything within your computer because of inadequate privileges. For months I searched for the solution and I finally found it while scrounging around. I will teach you exactly what I had done to make this work.

Alright so you want to create a Live CD and place TRK on that CD. The link for TRK (Trinity Rescue Kit) is Trinity Home.org. From their home page you want to go to the sidebar on the left and click "Download". You will be directed to a new page. Scroll down until you see the latest version of TRK and click on any of the links to download.

When you click the link a yellow bar will ask your permission to download. Click on it and click "download file..." Save to your desktop and then make sure you have a CD that can be made into a live CD. I have found that there are some CD's that you cannot write into a live CD.

Write down this: winpass -u Administrator

It will come up with a prompt that asks you to choose the location. I have two drives on my computer and my os or operating system is installed on the second so I would press 2 to continue. Your computer may be different so press the corresponding number for the account you would like to enable. This command will unlock the Administrator account but you are not done yet. After you get the prompt to continue press 4 and Y. This will save the changes and you will have your Administrator account unlocked. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart. *Note* This works on A Macintosh computer if you have windows installed.

Your computer should eject the TRK disk so take it out before it loads it again. On your logon screen there should be a newly enabled Administrator account. This is the built in Administrator account and you can change every setting on the computer.

If you want even tighter security make sure you hide the disk. Before logging off set a password and then go to command prompt and type: net user Administrator /active:no for vista and: net user Administrator active:no for XP


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