How to Stop MSN Messenger spam Message

Spam on MSN Messenger, also know as SPIM, is extremely rare and it’s a fairly simple process to ensure that you never receive messages from strangers.

To protect yourself from Spam:

1) Open the main Messenger window, go to Tools > Options.
2) Go to the Privacy tab and make sure “Alert me when other users add me to their contact lists” is ticked.

When someone tries to add you to their contact list, a dialog box will ask if you want to allow him or her to contact you. If this request is from a stranger or someone you don’t want to hear from, tick “Block this person from seeing when you are online and contacting you” and click OK.

To block unwanted messages:

1) Open the main Messenger window, go to Tools > Options.
2) Go to the Privacy tab, and make sure “Only people on my Allow List can see my status and send me messages” is ticked.

This will prevent people who are not on your contact list from sending you messages and stop block checkers seeing if you are really online.


Anonymous said…
What about when its you spamming your friends? Ive changed my msn password as well as ran neumorus virus scans and Im still spamming away without control. Every time I log in its something like "Ive lost so much weight try this" or I just got a killer deal go here" or others of the like. Its always from people on my contact list and they have no idea that there doing it. I added myself as a contact when told that I was spamming unknowingly and sure enough I am and cant find a fix. please help

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