New Folder.exe Virus Removal

New Folder.exe virus is a more severe virus with some unusual effects. New Folder.exe virus disables the task manager, folder options, registry editors and creates .exe’s and folders throughout the file system. If you have the New Folder.exe infection, try this fix to remove it from your computer!

1. Download SDFix to your computer, run the .exe after its fully downloaded. It will extract the files to a %systemdrive%- usually C:/SDFix (Save it to your Desktop after)

2. After this has been completed, boot up into safe mode (Hit F8 during your computer start up and in the options, chose Safe Mode)

3. Rightclick on the folder and choose Extract All. Open the extracted folder - C:\ SDFix and doubleclick on RunThis.bat to start the script.

4. Type in Y and it will run the script. It will automatically remove some registry keys that are/have been infected. Once that has been complete, it will ask you to press any key to reboot– it’s ok to reboot at this moment.

5. Your computer will be slower on reboot but that is normal for this process. Once your machine boots into the operating system, the utility will complete the removal process. When it is done, press any key and your desktop will load like normal!

This should take care of it.


Unknown said…
very helpful! Thaanks!
Anonymous said…
Thank You!
Anonymous said…
i have this virus in my flash drive and i can't open any of my files for they've become executable shorcut do i get rid of this in a flash drive?

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