How to Fix Error 27 on Canon Pixma MP145

1. Press the ON/OFF button and the STOP/RESET button at the same time.

2. Press the ON/OFF button and then press the STOP/RESET button twice to enter maintenance mode (you should see a 0 value on your MP145 LED indicator).

3. Press the STOP/RESET button 4 times to reset the waste ink counter.

4. Turn off your printer.

5. Turn on your printer.

6. If unsuccessful go back to first step and try again until you get your desired result.


Musica Humana said…
Thanks....It really work.
durudung durahman said…
it's work perfectly! thank you.
Unknown said…
Praise GOD, thank you very much , it really works!
Anonymous said…
it works! thx!!
Sahil said…
thnx bro... it really works gr88888.
hilmi said…
wow..very2's work perfectly

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