How To: Laser Printer Toner Refill Instructions

Refilling toners is not an easy job. If you are from the UK, I suggest visiting to get your laser toners delivered to your doorsteps.

UK Visitors Click Here

If you really want to do it on your own then continue below.

Here's a very valuable information (pdf file) for those of you who have Laser Printers and want to refill the toner/cartridge on their own.

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Included in this manual is the procedures / instructions for refilling these types of laserjet toners:

Apple - M0089
Apple - M0180
Apple - M2045GA
Apple - M2473A / G
Apple - M6002

Brother – TN250
Brother – TN350
Brother – TN430/460/560
Brother – TN540/550/570/580
Brother – TN9500
Brother – TN9500 (high yield)

Canon - A30, A15
Canon - E16/E20/E31/E40
Canon – EP52
Canon – EP52 (high yield)
Canon – EPA
Canon – EPB
Canon – EPC/A20
Canon - EPE
Canon – EPW/EP72
Canon – F100
Canon - FX1/EPL
Canon - FX2/EPP
Canon – FX3
Canon – FX4
Canon - FX5
Canon - L50
Canon – S35
Canon – X25
Canon – XS/EPS
Canon -- FX8


Dell 1100 / Samsung ML-2010 / ML-1610 / Samsung SCX-4321 / SCX-4521 /
Xerox PE220 and more
Dell S-35
Dell P1500
Dell P1600
Dell M5200

Epson – S0500100
Epson - S051016
Epson - S051011
Epson – S051009/S051200
Epson – S051023

Genicom – 6A0133P01/6A0134P01

HP - 92274A
HP - 92275A
HP - 92285A
HP - 92291A
HP - 92295AX
HP - 92298A / X
HP - C3900A
HP - C3903A
HP - C3906A
HP – C4092A
HP – C4096A
HP - C4127A
HP - C4127X
HP - C4127AX/C3909A/C4182AX
HP - C7115A
HP - C7115X
HP - C8061A
HP - C8061X
HP - Q1339A
HP - Q2610A
HP - Q2612A
HP - Q2613A / X
HP - Q2624A
HP - Q5949A
HP - C7553A/C7553X
HP - C7551A/C7551X

IBM Info Print 1312
IBM – 63H5721

Lexmark - 08A0477/08A0478
Lexmark – 10S0150
Lexmark – 1382100/1382150/1380850/1380950/1380200/1380520
Lexmark – 1382140
Lexmark - 1382760
Lexmark – 13T0101
Lexmark - 140100A
Lexmark – 140109A
Lexmark - 140195AX
Lexmark - 140198A / X
Lexmark - 17G0152, 17G0154, 4K00198, 4K00199 12A5740, 1382625, 1382925, 1382929, 12A5745, 12A5840, 12A5845, 12A5849
Lexmark E220/E321/E323
Lexmark T630/T632/T634
Lexmark T640/T644

Minolta 4161101, 1710434001
Minolta 0910802/0910803
Minolta - 0927605, 0927606
Minolta - 17030190000
Minolta - 17030210000
Minolta - 1710081001
Minolta - 1710433001, 0938306
Minolta - 171046601 171046001
Minolta – 1710497001
Minolta – 1710511001, 1410399002, 1710405002, 4152601/4152301
Minolta 1300/1350


NEC 20055
NEC 20090
NEC 20120/2012
NEC 20152
NEC S2526_____

OKIDATA 52111401

Panasonic – FQU160


RICOH 339302
RICOH 339473
RICOH 339479

Samsung – ML 1710
Samsung – ML6060
Samsung – SF5100 / TDR510P / ML4500 / ML1210
Samsung – ML5000/TD55K
Samsung ML-7000
Samsung ML-2250

Sharp – AL100TD
Sharp - FO45ND
Sharp - Z781701, ZT50701
Sharp - ZT20TD1

Xerox - 106R441/106R442
Xerox - 6R359, 6R343, 6R333, 6R881, 6R737
Xerox – 106R482
Xerox - 6R899
Xerox - 6R905
Xerox - 6R907
Xerox - 6R908
Xerox – 6R914
Xerox - 6R926
Xerox – 6R927
Xerox – 6R928
Xerox - 6R929/6R0906
Xerox – 6R932
Xerox – 6R933
Xerox – 113R296
Xerox 6R916/9R917

Colored Laserjet Printers

DELL 1700 / Lexmark
E120 / IBM 4312
DELL 3100 / Epson C1100, (CX11)
DELL 5100cn
HP 1500 /2500
HP 2600

HP 3500 / 4500 / 4600 / 5500
HP 3600 / 4700
HP 8500
HP 9500 / CANON RUNNER 3200
LEXMARK C510/C710/
LEXMARK C910/C912/C920
Okidata C3400
Okidata C5100 / Okidata C5150 / C5200 / C5300 / C5400 and Okidata C 7100, Okidata C 7200, Okidata C 7300 / Okidata C 7500/Okidata B4100 / B4200 / B4300
Okidata C5500/C5800
QMS 2200 /2400 / EPSON C1000 / C2000 / C3000
QMS 2300 / 2350 / EPSON C900 / C1900
QMS 5430
XEROX 7300

Download Link of PDF file


Anonymous said…
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ViK[RuM] said…
the easy steps to install Brother Printer Cartridge.

The refilling of this cartridge is messy therefore it is advised that gloves should be worn and the place where refilling is done should be covered with a newspaper or some other absorbent material.

The following steps can guide you to an easy refill of your brother printer cartridges. The different models have little variations in the procedures other remaining the same.

Brother printer cartridge LC01C, LC01Y, LC01M and LC01BK (MFC 7000 series)

1. Place any absorbent material like a towel underneath before refilling the brother ink cartridges.

2. After filling ink in the syringe bottle remove the needle and put the cone shaped adaptor on it.

3. Find the hole in the cartridge through which the ink flows out and turn the exit port down facing your lap.

4. Slowly inject the ink from the syringe bottle into the cartridge until the ink starts coming out of the vent hole and is not foamy.

5. Now turn the cartridge the other way round so that the vent hole faces you and the exit port is towards your lap.

6. Put the needle back into the syringe bottle and inject the needle into the vent hole. Continue injecting till the ink comes out of the exit hole and stops foaming.

7. Leave the cartridge in this position for about ten minutes. Then repeat the 6th step and let it rest for another ten minutes.

8. Install the cartridge in the printer. If it has to be transported then an electrical tape can be used to cover the exit and vent holes but must be removed before printing.

Brother printer cartridge for Brother MFC-7150 and MFC-7160

There is a sponge inside the cartridge which makes the refilling procedure sticky. The first step remains the same.

1. Locate the exit hole at the bottom where there is a large plug.

2. Also locate the vent hole at the bottom which exists on the same side as the large handle on the top of the cartridge.

3. Turning the exit port towards the lap place the vent hole to the right and vice versa. Seal the exit port with a black electrical tape.

4. Take out the handle on the top of the cartridge. Inside you will see two metallic seals, the smaller one round and the larger one rectangular. Either remove the seals or make holes in them.

5. To fill the syringe bottle with ink squeeze the syringe bottle and the needle be inserted into the ink bottle. Relax the grip and let the syringe suck the ink into the bottle.

6. Taking the syringe bottle slowly inject the ink into the sponge deeply through the rectangular hole till the sponge saturates.

7. Also inject ink in the round hole till the outer chamber is full. After injection seal the round hole with black electrical tape carefully. Also seal the rectangular hole with tape.

8. Put the plastic handle back on the top. Take the cartridge to a sink and remove the tape from the bottom. Let the extra ink drops flow out.

9. Printer should be installed now.

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Anonymous said…
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